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Friday, December 02, 2005 at 11:33 AM

Reading Deeply

Missed a week and the links are piling up, so I figured to get them out in a post before I lose them all:

It seems like the theme of the week is Calvinism, worship, and the intellectual side of Christianity.


The Howling Coyote presents the case that Christians are saved Before the Foundation of the World.

is working through a series dismantling Calvinist misconceptions. Check out this one: Everyone Limits the Atonement

Vincent Cheung (after finally finishing his series on Scripture, which is solid) posts an excerpt from his Commentary on Malachi defending the Calvinist interpretation of foreknowledge and predestination.

CampOnThis presents Two Views on Regeneration, which includes a few points I think no synergist would agree with, but overall it seems accurate.

Reformation Theology questions, "Is Divine Election fair?" and the comments are really good.


Reformation Theology presents a biblical reflection on music and theology.

The ESV Blog gives a picture of changing Scripture to song.

For my Reformation history class, I learned a few things about the reformers and their beliefs:

1) Luther was an accomplished musician, writing a few hymns and throughaly enjoying music.
2) Calvin was a lot more conservative, only Psalms allowed in his churches. Music was for the theology.
3) Zwingli, though the most accomplished musician of the three, forbade music all together in churches, but allowed it for home practice. The church was for doctrine.

All three presented fairly clear reasons, some better supported by Scripture, some worse. What strikes me the most was not the extremes that they took, but their firm belief in their convictions supported by Scripture. It is clear that they did some thinking about it and brought Scripture to bear upon the issue. Praise God for such examples of men who brought Scripture to bear on all their actions, would He mold us to be more like that.

Christian Thought

Laura over at a practice in belief posted an excellent piece defining anti-intellectual -ism. Good stuff.

Vincent Cheung posts another except on learning by experience.


Personally I finished a few books in the past few days:

Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur- a throughal and biblical treatment of the charismatic movement. Excellent, though seems a bit overblown. I wonder what he would say to our reformed charismatic brethren?

Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur - A character study on the 12 Disciples. Good stuff.

Sermon on the Mount by Vincent Cheung - an amazing treatment on a biblical view of the Law.

Currently rereading CJ's Humility: True Greatness. So good!

Blog of the post: Laura over at a practice in belief. Challies has declared her "King for the week" and I have greatly enjoyed her posts. Well reasoned, clear, biblical. Bam Bam Bam


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