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Monday, December 12, 2005 at 1:21 AM

Ok, I'll admit it

My roomate rocks.

So one thing my fellowship helped organize this year was a "gift exchange" like thing.

Kind of cute and neat.

So my roomate got me and decided instead of buying something material, he would get me something amazingly encouraging and awesome. He tracked down a pile of my closest friends (and for some reason all the people but himself and my brother were girls) and asked them to write letters of encouragement and the like.

So over the past few days my mailbox has been flooded with mail from friends and family and I've just been so incredibly blessed reading how God has been blessing other people, and how even though I didn't know it, God used me. Praise be to God! It was such a great encouragement, it seriously blew my mind.

One of many highlights I thought was greatly amusing was this letter "how do we appreciate you? Let me count the ways" and it ran down sentences beginning with the letters A to Z and some of them had Bible verses. Some highlights:

L:Loving others unconditionally, even if they're Arminian
R: Rebuking the heretics among us.
Y: Your womanly figure (I'm abnormally thin for how tall I am)

*laughs* My roomate is awesome (He inspires in me an awe of God for his uniqueness, creativity, kindness, generosity, and multifaceted humor). Bestest Christmas gift one could ask for.

Ok, enough of this blog entry love note.


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