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Friday, December 09, 2005 at 4:13 PM

Death Penalty Outline

**update** The series is now finished. I didn't follow my outline that closely.

Post 1 - Creation
Post 2 - Old Testament
Post 3 - New Testament
Post 4 - Q & A

As per request

The goal of the next few posts will be to present a clear and biblical case for the death penalty. I am disregarding all practical and social aspects of the death penalty and am restricting myself to Scripture.

I hope to demonstrate that yes, the Bible supports the death penalty.

First a definition:

Death penalty - The punishment of death for a crime. This punishment is levied and carried out by the government through judicial process. This is not carried out by individuals but rather by an organization.


I. Creation.
A. Genesis 1-2
B. Genesis 9:6

II. The death penalty in the OT law.
A. The Law
B. Examples

III. The death penalty in the NT.
A. Romans 13:1-7
B. Matthew 26:52

IV. Responding to possible objections.
A. Matthew 5:38-42
B. Romans 12:14-21

V. Concluding remarks
A. The validity of the death penalty
B. What does this mean for us as individuals?

Feel free to comment/email along the way. More input is always good.

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