Drinking Deeply

Monday, November 21, 2005 at 10:48 AM

Reading Deeply

Frank Martens is wondering if he's doing "Too Much Thinking."

Tim Challies has two cool posts. One on the value of words, phrases, and metaphors in the original texts and another on a longing for spiritual mentorship. I definitely know how he feels with that one.

Dustin Curlee is still working through devotional style thoughts on Romans. Check out Romans 2:3-4 (split up)

Reformation Theology Blog answers: Why should we go to church?

Over at Solo Femininity, we learn "why should we pray?"

CoffeeSwirls mentions that all too often when we start our gospel presentations, it starts with the Total Depravity, when instead it should start with Creation. Good point.

Blog of the post: A new blog, The Reformed Worldview just started up, and it's first series is putting the Biblical worldview through it's intellectual paces. Check it out.


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Blogger Jennifer Huang said...

thanks. those are some cool blogs, Mickey.  


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