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Monday, November 14, 2005 at 9:37 PM

Reading Deeply

On preaching:

Anti-Itch Meditation asks the question: What are we attracting people to? (HT: Transforming Sermons)

Vincent Cheung shares what we need to preach. This is part of his ongoing series on Scripture. It’s pretty cool.

Reformation Theology Blog is wondering: Are our churches preaching the Gospel?

Phillip Johnson gives a quick description of a John Piper sermon.

Today's message from Piper is the middle lecture of a three-part series on Athanasius, the hero of the Arian conflict in the fourth century. Piper's observations are brilliant and priceless. He says it's not enough to profess love for the Person of Christ; we must fight for true propositions about Him as well. He demonstrates why extrabiblical language is sometimes vital in the defense of biblical truth. He shows a lot of parallels between the methodology Arius employed in peddling his heresy and the way people with questionable orthodoxy today are maneuvering to try to commandeer the mainstream of the evangelical movement. In all, it's one of the best historical studies I've ever heard Piper deliver. You can listen to the whole three-day series at Oneplace.com.

I just finished listening to John Piper’s TULIP series. Excellent stuff. A clear and biblical defense of the 5 points of Calvinism. He doesn’t pull any punches, he doesn’t avoid any texts. Highly recommended. I have the mp3s and I’m allowed to distribute freely, so if you’re interested I’d be more than willing to share.

Blog of the post:

Joe Loughery of “The Potter’s Clay” just put up a new look. I figured I’d double his readership by linking his blog here and sending all 3 of my readers over to check it out. Looks ok. His posts are good too =)


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Blogger JIBBS said...

Hey, I think Joe is up to like 5 readers now. We humbly share the same 5 faithful followers. Anyhoo, thanks for the link to my blog. I just discovered this one and will be sure to return the favor.  


Blogger Joe L. said...

I owe you bigtime Mickey. My readership may hit 10 by the end of the year, and I have you to thank.

I really like your blog design too, the color scheme is nice. You can probably already tell I am a stickler for color schemes. Too bad my blog has a funky one right now! LOL!  


Blogger Frank Martens said...

dude, the cd set is awesome, it was well worth the cash don't ya think?  


Blogger Aaron Shafovaloff said...

The mp3s are all here:



Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the link. This is my first visit, btw, and I like what you're doing here--especially the posts on Phil 4:13 and on inerrancy/infallibility. Keep up the good blogging.  


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