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Saturday, October 01, 2005 at 3:30 AM

Some idle amusements:

Some random stuff that has crossed my path:

The shirt I will never get, but will always want. (HT 9digits)

Today Stanford had it's activities fair, where all the different clubs set up booths and such to let kids know that they exist and stuff. FiCS has always been with the other religious life groups, catholic, protestant, buddhist, jewish... though this year we bumped into "rational thought" which was basically a skeptics association. Welcome to Stanford's list of religions! *chuckles* at least Stanford recognized that they were "religious" in their denial of all religions =P.

Have I mentioned enough that I greatly enjoy reading girl talk, where the daughters of CJ Mahaney (and their mother) gather to share their wisdom on living biblical womanhood? Yeah, I want to marry someone like them =p. But I've been blessed by their blog, even though a lot of it is geared towards the female gender. Sometimes they have something amusing.

Oh, and I guess I want to drop a blog shoutout to a friend at Stanford, who has been kind enough to link my blog in her blogroll (though I am surprised that she even found it!). Hello Tina!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the shirt is awesome. and i find your link equally funny. maybe you should look for the masculine version of it...like "guy talk", devoted to biblical manliness =P.


Blogger mxu said...

and since I am of course the epitome of biblical manliness...


I'll just stop there before I get stoned by my readers.  


Blogger Frank Martens said...

Now, I with me being the "gotta be correct and all" person, I was saying to my sister (9digits) that the shirt should have really said "Calvinism: God chose this shirt for me" ... and the rest stay the same.



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