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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 4:36 PM


This is cross posted from my xanga. Someone mentioned that it was a good thought and I figured "well, I should share it"


So over the course of the last few weeks, I've picked up an interesting habit of singing to myself when I'm by myself. Not just softly, or under my breath. I'm talking belting out hymns in the worst rendition of Come Thou Fount you can imagine, and I've discovered (rather, confirmed) that the whole idea of "learn by experience" is silly and wrong.

I have no idea whether I'm singing well or singing poorly. I have no idea how to improve, or even if I am improving. I am completely blind to the tones, pitch, words, lyrics, harmony. There really is no chance for that to improve if I'm just going to sing to myself. I need someone to teach me. I need people to criticize me and correct me.

I remember one time my freshman year one of my friends mentioned to me that when I sang it sounded like I was in pain.

While I was incredibly embarrassed, I really honestly have no idea if that was still the case.

I guess I'm thankful I have a roommate that's got pitch, tone, and everything, and is more than willing to patiently bear with my poor singing and correct me, teaching me those foreign things like "intervals" and "rests" and everything.


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Blogger Joanna Martens said...

That's interisting. I know how you feel, i've recently decided that I wanted to pursue musical theatre and opera. Some call in talent, me, I just think it's the result of being bored and then cofidence grew. I didn't even know I had this "hidden" talent of an operatic vocal range until I saw Phantom of the Opera and sang the whole movie through. Before that I didn't even try to sing.
Keep fooling around- you'd be surprised what you could find. :-)
I'm going to post sometihng on my opera singing soon...stay posted!


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