Drinking Deeply

Sunday, October 23, 2005 at 1:04 PM

Reading Deeply

1) There is a lot I want to post about. I'm trying to collect my thoughts and put them concisely and clearly (and to avoid heresy =p ).

A few posts that will be coming up:

Vision Summer School Thoughts: Reflections
Judge, lest you be judged
Discussing calvinism
A short story

2) One of my earlier posts (now removed since I felt it was unclear and unedifying) brought about an email by a brother who (strongly) disagreed with what I wrote. This has led to an enlightening and encouraging email conversation discussing divine sovereignty and free will. The emails are filled with frank and honest discussion while maintaining a tone of grace and love throughout.

This was exactly what I'm hoping for with this blog! I'm very thankful that I'm able to engage in such a discussion, and it has been greatly helpful for me in understanding other views, as well as in formulating and defending my own. If any of my readers ever has a question, an issue, or a "you're absolutely wrong" comment, please feel free to email me or leave a comment so I can email you. I see all the comments, even if it might be on ancient back pages.

3) I've been reading "Putting the Amazing Back Into Grace" by Michael Horton. It is a clear presentation of the background and theology of the Reformed church. Wow. What an excellent read. It's packed with challenging thoughts, insightful passages, and convicting Scriptures. Very readable and there are study questions at the end of each chapter as well that help the reader to digest and think things through.

4) One thing one of the onlookers in the email conversation has pointed out, which I'm thankful he has, has been:

I think this is worth bringing up because it's a point I'm pretty sure we all agree on; and this is important to keep in mind in any discussion like this one. Things get tricky when we have different ideas about what kind of thing would be grounds for "thinking you are superior". But humility is central to the gospel. Grace is central. The theological understanding that leads us to that center is instrumental--and if our theology fails to make us humble people, then we have badly misappropriated it.- Jeff R.

Amen and Amen

5) Stumbled upon a great article by Piper on the Marks of a Spiritual Leader. HT: Adrian Warnock

6) As a side note, in a lot of books I've been reading lately, I've noticed this weird obsession with Jacob's ladder. So basically in Genesis 28 Jacob falls asleep and has this dream of a ladder with angels ascending and descending on it. Jesus takes this dream and claims to be the fulfillment of it in John 1:51

So when I first read this I was like "whoa! What an obscure reference by Christ to an obscure reference in the OT!" and it really blew my mind. I love seeing those references. But then for some reason a lot of writers seem to want to share this mind blowing reference as well. It's cool, to be sure, but man, can't we come up with another example of Christ's holiness? Awells.

And if this is where you first heard about Jacob's ladder, booyeah =)

7) I was reading (for my Reformation class) the Anabaptist arguments against infant baptism. The whole "repent and then believe" thing and all, and I was like "hmm, that makes a lot of sense, there's a lot of Scripture support, and I can't think of cases where it isn't like that... hmmm" and this caused me to think about my own baptism, because, in all honesty I don't know if I actually believed in Christ as Savior when I was baptized. I knew that I should be a nicer person, that I wanted to be involved with the church, but did I know the shame and glory of the cross? I wasn't sure, so I was like "hmm, maybe I should get rebaptized...?"

Then I read Luther's response to the Anabaptists and I was like "oh... wow... I need to repent." It really sounded like he wrote it specifically to address people like me. Go God =) So no, I'm not going to get rebaptized. Maybe I'll have a post on that in the future.

8) Tim Challies posted a brief glimpse on Early Church Worship. Cool beans!


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