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Friday, October 07, 2005 at 2:38 PM

More reads

Steve Camp (I think he's this month's featured blogger or something) has an excellent post on every Christian's duty. Excellent read

Carla Rolfe read that entry by Steve Camp and decided to do a 34 part series on the verses cited. I would link to them all, but might as well just link to her blog, since it is an excellent blog. Check it.

Over at Anti-itch medication, there is an excellent post on squashing Christians. Wow.

At Renewed Day by Day, Lydia has posted an insightful post on a conception of marriage as a calling rather than a goal.

In books, I've had the blessing to be reading The Enduring Community by Brian Habig & Les Newsom. This book is a look into why people aren't satisfied with the church and an examination of what a church's purpose is and what that means for us as part of the Church. In seeking to answer the question, "What role could the local church play in my spiritual well being?" they've come up with a very biblical and insightful (not to mention convicting, considering my circumstances) view of the local church, the Universal Church, and the Kingdom of God. I would highly recommend it. Here's a link to an excerpt.

For the blog of today, I've been very blessed by Dustin's Staying Current! which recently has been going through a small devotional style blurbs through pieces of the book of Romans. Dustin is also a member (pastor? I'm not sure) of Bridgeway Bible Chruch which has a pretty useful website.


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Blogger Carla said...

Thanks for the link - I hope you're enjoying the series. It's been a real blessing to me to meditate and write on it.



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