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Monday, October 31, 2005 at 11:11 PM

A brief reflection on Halloween

One thing that I really dislike about Halloween is how much it promotes greed and want in the kids. Many of the kids today at the Hallelujah night (our church Halloween "alternative") were there simply for the candy. We were asked to put together a 5 minute skit on the character of Esther, and we did. The kids would be like "oh cool" and then just sit there. Eventually the candy came out and they would all cheer. At one point we had to threaten them "you're not going to get candy unless you listen." I am not really a big fan of something like that.

Yet, in one sense, I would rather the kids be in a church asking for candy rather than on the streets by themselves (and my belief in the sinfulness of man prevents me from thinking "oh it's just an innocent night). At the same time, I would rather not have a night that promoted all this greed and want at all. But yet our culture has popularized it so that the children expect it. Where is the solution to this? At least with Christmas, one can make an emphasis on the giving without expectation. With Halloween, that opportunity really isn't there.

On the final hand, I would have to say that if I were a parent, I would see trick-or-treating with my kids to be one very golden opportunity to get to know the neighbors and build relationships (not that I wouldn't be seeking opportunities elsewhere, but all the parents will be out with kids at least. We could walk around and have extended conversations in an enviornment that normally would not come about).

But the whole pretending to be ghosts, vampires, satan and the like I am very uncomfortable with. Satan really exists, and to pretend like he's some cartoon character will lead us unknowingly to think that he doesn't exist, and that is all the more dangerous.

Why not have churches do an outreach night on Halloween? Walk around knocking on doors just to say hi to our neighbors, introducing the church and ourselves, with no expectation of candy? That would be awesome, but I don't think the kids would buy it.

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Blogger FreeThinker said...

Satan DOES NOT exist, any more than Santa exists. Relax and enjoy the fun!  


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