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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 10:10 PM

Vision Summer School Thoughts (6) - Revival (4)

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Ok, so thus far I've painted a pretty glim picture of what I saw. What actually happened?

So I ended up opting out, spoke with the person in charge, he took it fairly well. Over the course of the next two weeks I spoke with a few other people. Some of them were more receptive to my thoughts, some were not. A few of my friends agreed with me, they decided to stay and try to help out anyways.

The night finally came. What I remember:

Some worship songs to start us off, then one of the people in charge went up there and gave the intro to the theme of the night "all in." To demonstrate this theme, she played some video clips have some people doing stunts or something. The first one was of a guy who went off a jump on a snowboard and did some trick. "ooo cool! Now that's going all in!" Then she went and showed one of a guy riding a bike and falling over "ahahah! That is not!" I was like "what? What does any of this have to do with our theme? Why are we showing these? Apparently the clips came from a "church" website, meant to copy off the classic MTV show Jackass. Wow, talk about becoming like the world!

So they go up and do a "salvation" skit. No words, just a picture of God creating the world and man, man turning from God to sins of greed, alcoholism, lust, all to music. During this skit one of the girls (in order to instil lust) did a "sketchy dance move." The audience cheered. This was really a struggle for me. I felt like the audience was in it merely to be entertained, like the message seemed biblical enough (though I wish there was speaking, so those that were unfamiliar with it would have heard it), but the sketchy dance, the "ooo check out the timing with the music" and everything really made me feel wonder what the audience was getting.

Another skit that they performed was that of the Paul skit. Another one without words, this time living the life of Paul, basically looking at what he did (getting whipped, thrown out, stoned the like). I had major issues with this skit because the gospel was not part of it. We can just as easily include some non-Christian who did a lot of "good things" because the message would have been the same "if you do good, you'll be rewarded" NO! ::sigh::

The children did a body worship thing. I don't know what to think about that. ::shrug::

The teachers did a body worship thing. "If we are the body" ::shrug:: ok I guess, though i still feel like the audience was out there to be entertained, and all that was done was entertain them.
Interspersed through these were a few testimonies. One of them was pretty solid, going through salvation by faith alone and his own personal experiences coming to a realization of that. The other two were about going "all in" and "making a committment" similiar criticisms apply as above.

Near the end, the youth director went up there and talked about the importance of having a relationship with God. I was very thankful for that, just that someone was up there and tried to share the Word of God. He ended with an altar call of sorts: "If you want to make a committment to Christ and need someone to pray for you, please come up" I don't think anyone went up (though from what I hear, two people approached him afterwards).

They ended with some more worship.

In reflection, it went about as bad as I expected. I felt like it was mere entertainment for the masses. The video clips were incredibly offensive. The skits were less so, but they still worried me. The body worship... I don't know. Children? What am I supposed to say? It depends on if their hearts are in the right place I guess. It ended on the "making a commitment." ::sigh::

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