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Monday, September 12, 2005 at 6:11 PM

Reading Material


KCPC's former youth director on revivals. Yes, former. There's been a shakeup and I am not happy with what has been happening, but to God be the glory.

Steve Camp has an excellent post on living as a Christian and giving evidence of our election. Repentance is the word.

He also has an excellent post on the importance of the Law in the Gospel.

And another excellent one on church discipline. Would it be that our churches would pursue this in a God glorifying manner!

Vincent Cheung quoting Edwards on the fact that, even after we've been converted, we are to make sure our faith by continually seeking God.

Doug Patton gave us his notes on the imputed righteousness of Christ. Spot on stuff.

Some excellent quotes by some wise old men.

I just finished reading John MacArthur's Ashamed of the Gospel. Excellent book filled with sound exegesis and clear writing. It's so convicting because I find myself as a market driven consumer sometimes. "This isn't good enough" "worship could be better." Additionally, when I was invited to speak to the youth I wanted to make sure that my message was relevant, applicable, that the junior high kids would be interested...

Little did I know that the question of relevance is irrelevant.

Desiring God is teaming up with Monergism.com to give away a free CD filled with Piper's sermons. All you have to do is pay SH... and you can get as many books as you want for the same SH! I used this as an occasion to splurge and get a lot of books =)

John Piper has an excellent discussion on Hurricane Katrina and Intelligent Design

The Four Spiritual Flaws - I agree with the fleshed out version, though the summary is horribly unbiblical and suffers from the same problem the original four spiritual laws did, verses out of context and incomplete. ex. God hates you and has a horrible plan for you (this is only true for the unrepentant, God loves His elect)


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