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Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 8:58 PM

Book Review: 5 Paths to the Love of Your Life

5 Paths to the Love of your Life

by Lauren F. Winner, Douglas Wilson, Rick Holland, Alex Chediak (Editor), Jeramy Clark, Jerusha Clark, Jonathan Lindvall

1st off, the title is a bit of a misnomer. This isn't a book written for people of the world to find some mystical perfect fit. This is actually a book directed at Christians, attempting to give an overview of all the different answers to the marriage question:

How does one go about finding that mate?

Some believe that dating is the method (though this dating is cut against the grain of normal dating). Some believe that it's courtship (where the parents are heavily involved). Some go so far as to say that only betrothal is biblical (where they enter the relationship committed to marry). With Christians from all over touting one method over another, it's very hard to figure out what exactly is biblical and what is not.

This book doesn't answer that question, but what it does do, is it allowed main proponents from 5 different perspectives (countercultural dating, courtship, betrothal, purposeful dating, and ... general be a good Christian) to explain their reasoning and give biblical support for their own personal views.

All the authors agree on a few things though: God's Word is the supreme authority. A Christian should not marry (date) a non-Christian.

The different views are presented clearly and biblically (though some of the views, in my opinion, had much stronger arguments than others). Additionally, the editor has interspersed questions throughout the book to help get one thinking. Finally, the intro and the conclusion give an excellent overview, explaining agreements and differences. They were an excellent read on their own. An excellent job was also done regarding keeping a bias out of the topics at the end.

The only gripe I really have with the book is it's title and cover. I fear such a useful resource will be passed over too easily in a bookstore by those who will benefit the most from it because of the title and cover, which seem directed more at popular culture rather than Christians longing to submit themselves to God's Word.

Other than that, it was a pleasure to read and one that i would highly suggest to those who are wondering about dating and the future. It won't answer the question, but it will open one's eyes to different opinions.

My recommendation: Could do better (The solid chapters in this book are better presented in a whole book treatment elsewhere)


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