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Sunday, September 18, 2005 at 3:26 PM

Alpha and Omega

Today I finished reading through the Bible from cover to cover.

whew. Some thoughts:

1) The Old Testament is facinating. Some of my favorites: Judges, Job, 1 Kings, 1 Samuel, Esther, Ruth, Lamentations, Jeremiah, Hosea. The list could go on. Even going through the law was really cool, just looking at all that God demanded in perfection.

2) There are a lot of really cool parallels throughout Scripture. Ruth's "cover me with your blanket" is reminiscent of another passage (I believe Jeremiah?) where the Lord says that he will cover His people with the corner of his blanket.

3) Getting a big picture of God and His relationship with His people being a covenant is mindblowing: I will be their God, and they will be my people.

4) There are a lot of really confusing passages. I started highlighting them green. I think my Bible is green now.

5) The end times are scary! But awesome at the same time. Christ is victorious!

6) I need to read more of the prophets. I honestly have a lot of trouble with them just because it's so packed in there.

7) I have a list of godly women of the Bible that I sort of started/stopped: Rehab/Esther/Samson's mother/Mary (Mother of Jesus)/Hannah (Mother of John)/Mary Maglidane/Abigal (Wife of Nabal) I don't know why I have this list, but I think its because people thought I was a female hater because of my "girls are evil guys are stupid" phrase. I don't know how this list is supposed to combat that. Haha.

8) There really aren't too many godly men in the Bible, most (cept for Jesus) of the men in the Bible have some major failing. What idiots =)

Here's a nice post by a sister.


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Anonymous Doug said...

Congrats! You have done something that most Christians never do, and I'm sure it has impacted your perceptions.

Is this the first time you have read the whole Bible?  


Blogger mxu said...

Hey Doug -

This was sort of the first time I read it through. I have read every part of the Bible previously, though not cover to cover.

Well, I retained so little of most of that that much of what I read was new to me anyways.

Further up and deeper in!  


Anonymous Doug said...

I found that my recollection of verses when I need them has been much better than it should be after reading through the Bible. It's almost uncanny, but I don't have that great a memory. It is the work of the Spirit, not of me. I find times like that to be extremely encouraging! John 14:26  


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