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Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 8:17 PM

Update from Alaska and some prayer requests

Hello all from Alaska!

It's been crazy out here. I was welcomed with open arms (and an entire youthgroup of them!) and a great deal of love. Training and talking till Sunday, then the prepwork started for the kids. I'm teaching Geometry and 3rd year English (haha, Mickey teach English! what a joke!) with of course an ultimate motive to glorify God in all things. The church has opened wide it's arms to me and all the other out of state teachers they have here and I've been very well loved and cared for.

Out here it's been a week in Alaska and the first few days were simply crazy. From waking up early mornings to the late night prayer meetings and prepwork we've been challenged to really depend upon God for strength in all that we do. Praise God it rained really hard on Saturday so we "couldn't" go kayaking. I really really needed that day off =) Praise the Lord!

God is working powerfully here in Alaska and we're already seeing people opening up and being challenged. I've also have a lot of very encouraging and blessing conversations with my dear brothers in Christ Rob, Andrew (Alice's brother!) and Wesley (Ryan's brother). They have all really encouraged me and challenged me in so many different ways I feel like I've been stretched all over (in a very good way) and we've had some late nights because of it but it's been awesome. God has also placed a great burden upon a number of teachers here and challenged us to present the gospel in a very real way and challenge their kids. Seeing the tears shed for one another and students has been mind blowing. It's just been awesome and encouraging how much God is constantly at the center of our lives here (and challenging for me to keep it that way!).

Some prayer requests:

1) Praise God for a day off on Saturday. Pray for continual physical and spiritual rest in all things, even past the late nights and the early mornings. Pray for a joy even in struggle and a desire to go to the one true source of living water in all cases.

2) Praise God for a lot of excellent conversations, even among the teachers. Though there is definitely a broad range of theological backgrounds here in Alaska, there have been a lot of great conversations within the teachers (just today there were 3 extremely difficult and good questions brought up during meals and just sitting around). Pray for wisdom and discernment when talking with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We've already talked about predestination, drinking and gambling, prayer, and I'm sure there will be many questions that will come in the days to come, including many that will stretch and challenge me to think in different ways and with a greater perspective on God.

3) Praise God for my students. God has given me a very diverse group of kids from all backgrounds. One PK, one person raised in a Hindu/Christian family, one Catholic, one "lifer" (Christian as far back as he remembers), a couple who don't know/care, one who has never been in a church before. It will definitely be a challenge to present things that are applicable (and comfortable) for all the students to hear, so pray that God grants me wisdom in all that I say and do. I'm kind of confused about this one. I've also kind of lost control with regards to discipline a few times, so there are a number of delinquent kids that I don't know quite how to deal with right now.

4) Praise God for the love that has been shown here. I have been greatly blessed by all the love and service that the church here has shared with me here. it's really been mind blowing. Praise the Lord for all these blessings and pray that I would seek to be a reflection of that love and seek to bless others in all that I do.

5) Praise God for powerful times of prayer. It's been a joy to be able to pray with the same group of people 3 times a day and meals. I've been very blessed by many of the prayers and encouragements shared by my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and it's just been amazing. Pray for a continual joy in prayer and transparency in all that I do.

If there is anything I can be in prayer for all of you about, I would love to hear it and be praying for you. Thank you all for your prayers!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

how cool! alaska sounds fantastic. take some pictures, will you? Sorry I missed you before you left. Good luck, godspeed.

-Allie (McKenzie)  


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