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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 at 10:56 AM

Some good reads.

Another series of excellent posts, this time about church membership and growth (and one misc one).

Tim Challies writes an excellent review of an article by Jim Elliff entitled "Southern Baptists - An Unregenerate Denomination" about the ideas of church growth and how an emphasis on numbers has blinded that denomination (and to a large extent, other Christian churches out there).

Justin Taylor
wrote an excellent article with many good links about "Why Join a Church."

The A-Team Blog gives the case for church membership.

All of this makes me think along the same lines as Aaron Shafovaloff in saying, "I miss Sunday School

Finally, Douglas Wilson has a good post on "Always Thinking You're Right" Does anyone know where his blog title is from? It's pretty cool.

*Oh, as a disclaimer. Douglas Wilson, while having a lot of stuff of great value to the reader (In fact, I've just finished Back to Basics in which he gives an excellent treatment on God's sovereignty in election), has holds some positions that I very much don't agree with.

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