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Friday, July 01, 2005 at 9:40 AM

Mormonism Day 6

Yike- so that was highly unexpected.

To sum it up, I met once again with the Mormon missionaries and they introduced Roy who wanted to sit in on the discussion. No problem of course. The discussion gets underway and I start off by asking about their doctrine of God. I read off the WCF statement about who I believed God to be and asked them why they disagreed. All of a sudden Roy steps in and says - I have a Phd and you're wrong. Well he doesn't explicitly say that, but what it boils down to over and over again is: I've done research in this, I know what I"m talking about. Many times he basically made up stuff about the codification of Scripture, Council of Nicean (sp?) and the original languages ... everytime I was like "wait a second, you got this all wrong." There was even a time when he was like "can you read Aramaic?" and I was like "umm no" and then he was like "then how do you know your translation of this passage is correct?" and I was like "well... first off, the original language was Hebrew for this passage and..." yeah it went kind of like that.

So it ended up turning into a debate, which I'm not entirely happy about, but I do realize that oftentimes in order to make a positive presentation of the gospel, one requires a negative presentation of man's sinfulness and rebellion, so I will do it, but I do see a distinct danger of making it a point to tear down instead of a point to build up. I'm a little worried about that.

Basically we covered a number of topics - who is God. Who is Christ. What is authority. Reliability of senses (I completely denied this and left him without a leg to stand on, that was actually the first time I've used Vincent Cheung's method, though I quickly got sidetracked defending Scripture). It was an interesting discussion but I had to cut it short because my sister needed a ride.

The discussions have definitely taken another turn. I've come to the realization that I need to do a lot more active reading and research. Prayers would be appreciated.

On a side note, the Westminster Confession of Faith is an excellent place to start for some basic doctrine and defining things like Trinity and depravity.

I plan on writing a very basic essay defending Scripture. Basic in the sense that it's all ground that's been tread before, but I need to put my view of it down in words to just basically hand out. Be looking for that.

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