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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 11:45 PM

What does believe mean?

So I was involved in an interesting discussion yesterday after the Mormons left. One of the points that was brought up was that "I believe in Jesus and I believe in the Bible, I just don't agree with some of it." Now of course from there the conversation went from there, but the point of this post isn't about that as much as the question:

What exactly does "belief" mean if you can believe something but not agree with it? I guess one could say that "I believe abortions happen" but "I don't agree with them" in that sense. But what about a "belief in" something? "I believe in abortions but don't agree with them" no longer seems to make any sense.

To me "to believe" and "to have faith" are one and the same and is a knowledge of prepositions about Christ/Word of God and an assertion of truth of those prepositions (I guess since faith is not seen, those prepositions would have to be unprovable by sense). Thus for me, in order for one to believe in Jesus would be an acknowledgement that Christ is the Son of God, He died for one's sins... and so on. The Bible is the Word of God infallible and so on.

Hmmm then that leaves the problem of an incomplete knowledge. Does one need to have a compete knowledge of the subject at hand in order to believe in it? Well, if we say that it is possible to "believe in Christ" then the answer would be no, since Christ cannot be bounded by us.

That leaves us with ... the essentials I guess? But this differs from one person to another. So one person may say they have faith in Christ, while another may say they don't. But yet all we need is faith as small as a mustard seed... (if we could quantify faith).

Interesting. How about another question: Does one need to know what "belief" means in order to believe in Jesus? I would say yes. At least, they must be able to define it so that they satisfy that definition. Then we could discuss if that definition was accurate or not.

On a completely side note, I feel like the statement "you're being judgmental" is vastly amusing.

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