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Thursday, June 09, 2005 at 9:30 PM

Some good reads

Some things I've been reading as of late that I'd like to share:


Quite possibly the broadest website on everything Christian related out there. It's a free collection of excellent articles on most any topic, all from a solid biblical grounds. Lays out excellent answers to most any questions or issues that I've come across, 7 day creation, Catholicism, liberal theology, the works. Additionally there's an excellent bookstore that I've gotten a number of books from.

I'd also like to make a plug for it because the person who runs it has decided to dedicate his entire job towards it, so any bit of help he can get he'd appreciate. If you want to help out a brother in need you can buy a book or make a donation.


An excellent series on ministry training and Christian leadership. Extremely convicting for me as I look into what mentalities I've taken into my various roles over the course of the year.


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