Drinking Deeply

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 5:56 AM

So many good reads, so little time!


An excellent article (from a few days back) about the value of apologetics in a post-modern world. He answers a few things that are brought up that I have been thinking about and I found his post enlightening and encouraging.


An excellent article on the immutability of God and why that gives us as believers a great deal of hope and joy.


An entry about the importance of a biblical perspective on women's roles. Within it, you'll find a link to an article by John Macarthur Jr. That article is an excellent read as well, addressing many issues of modern day Christian feminists and how their interpretations fall short and pose a danger to Christianity today.


An excellent article on "seeking God," putting evangelism into a reformed perspective. An excellent read. (This article was gleaned from Vincent Cheung's post)

Finally, if you want some free stuff, Tim Challis is at it again:

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