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Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 4:26 PM



I guess I can only attribute it to God's providence. I walked around and sat down to read a bit outside (the weather is delightful!), proceeded to fall asleep and then woke up and decided to walk back home. Right as I got home my sister told me that I had people outside. Turns out that there were two mormon missionaries outside my door! Weird! So I end up sitting outside and listening to them for a bit. I didn't actively engage them and challenge their every point, though it seemed like much of the story is fairly far-fetched and unbiblical. (I guess thats what you get when you tack on books and an active prophet to the Bible)

What they covered:

1) Church has fallen into apostasy. Prophets and Apostles rejected. Therefore Joseph Smith was raised up and translated the book of Mormon so that the church is restored.

2) The fruits of the spirit are love joy peace.... yadda yadda and therefore the book of Mormon is true. They continually quoted Galatians 5:22-23 in supporting their belief that the book of Mormon was true and said that if one prays about it, it gives them peace and love.

3) They'll be back tomorrow.

Weird stuff actually. They handed me a pamphlet and to be honest, most of it (being people centered) sounds like what any modern day church would say. A focus on finding true happiness and peace and a de-emphasis on the cross, sin, depravity.

I look foward to talking with them tomorrow. They said they'll bring by a book of Mormon so I could read it. Cool stuff.

Some resources for those who are interested:

Alpha Omega Ministries:Apologetics:Mormonism

This site by James White is quite the resource. It is an excellent site focused on refuting cults and other heresies from a Biblical viewpoint. This guy knows his stuff. His various books are excellent as well.


This guy has done his research as well. It is a site geared more towards apologetics and evangelism, but has a countercult section as well. It's fairly solid and he has done an excellent job of documenting the facts.

I do only have a few weeks here till I leave for Alaska, but I do hope to continue talking with them and discussing with them. I think they deny the infallibility of Scripture, so that's probably where I'll start. Please be praying for my witness and my words.

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Blogger Joe L. said...

Hi Mickey,

I will pray for you! I have engaged LDS missionaries for a few years now, have a good friend that is LDS that I witness to often, and have a neighbor who is LDS. God has given me a small ministry to them.

I think your strategy of defending the Scriptures as God's only revelation to man is the right way to go. They will try and subvert the Scriptures at every turn, yet, at the same time, they still use them! As well, then present the Gospel of free, unmerited grace. In my experience, nothing gets them more uncomfortable that the imputed righteousness of Christ. That concept is foreign to LDS theology.

I have found that a through going, biblical gospel presentation, based on free grace will really get the conversation going. I hope and pray God will give you the words to say to give Him the glory.

In Christ,


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