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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 11:58 PM

Mormonism Day 5

So the Mormon missionaries came by today once again, and this time I took the time to make a positive presentation of what I believed. Covered basic doctrines of God, Christ, Spirit, Trinity, Grace, Scripture, on every point thus far that I thought was worth mentioning, and I said to them that I hope they would have open eyes and ears and be willing to examine Scripture (with me I guess) on each of these topics. The biggest one of them I felt was grace.

um I don't know if they heard a word I said. They were just like "we're all in agreement in all of these things, we believe in Jesus being the only one and God being the Father and a Godhead," I tried to make a point that if we have markedly different pictures of who Christ is, then it's just the name that it shares and nothing more. It's definitely hard to talk to them. I hope to be able to point them to the peace of grace, not the grace that comes "after all we do" (that's in their book of Mormon), but a grace that comes apart from all we do, because all we do is but rubbish, deserving of wrath and condemnation.

It's definitely a challenge, and one that is stretching me. I do confess that I haven't been dedicating as much time towards researching and reading about the issues at hand as I should be, and that's something I hope to fix. They've given me a book of Mormon doctrines in the Bible and I hope to be able to read it (and use it as a stepping stone into the greater discussion!) within the next few days. They'll be coming back on Thursday.

Salvation is definitely of the Lord though and apart from any logical argument that I could make. I could speak and expound for hours and days and it is nothing apart from God's sovereign will. Praise be to the Father and all glory be onto His Name!

On a side note: I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to talk to Mormons if I were from a background that agreed with Mormonism on many points: Free Will, Baptism required, Polytheism, denial of the authority of Scripture. Each point that they made that was like "it's obvious that..." whereupon I always ended up being like "I don't agree. Free will is foreign to Scripture." Maybe they're just in denial to the fact that we worship a very different God.

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