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Friday, June 24, 2005 at 3:57 PM

Mormonism Day 4

So the Mormon missionaries stopped by my house again and this time they brought Eli (I think that's how his name is spelled) who is an Asian American Mormon. I ended up asking them a lot of questions, mostly on points that I didn't feel were consistant with a biblical view: Salvation by faith alone - Total depravity - Trinity. I wanted to get a bigger picture of where they saw support for their views though I got the sense that they were rather annoyed. Eli ended up sharing his testimony as well and we ended with them continuing to ask me to pray over the book of Mormon and I'll see it as true.

I definitely see it as a challenge in presenting a positive view of God's grace and gospel, and not just a negative one. I do have disagreement after disagreement over issue after issue, and oftentimes I see that clouding the big issue: That I am commanded to preach the whole consul of of God so that I might meet and encounter my true family.

I've been reading "Letters to a Mormon Elder" by James White. You can get an electronic version of it here. The navigation is a little weird. You have to "x" the box within the box in order to get to the next letter. Yeah... hope you understand =p. An excellent read so far and given me a lot of hope and joy in what has been going on. Praise be to God!

On a complete side note (for amusement): I asked one of the missionaries why they used the KJV instead of a different translation. He responded, "well it was the translation that King James the Fifth used, so we use it." On a different topic about bible translations, one of them mentioned that most Bibles today were translated from a German text. News to me!

They'll be coming back on Tuesday. I hope to present why I am at odds with them and share what the grace in gospel means. Prayers would be appreciated.

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