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Saturday, June 04, 2005 at 12:55 PM

BAM- A convicting read

An old post from Jollyblogger on having a Christ like debate.

In summary (you should still read the whole post):

1) Remember who I'm debating - they bear the image of God just like I do.
2) Remember my relationship with them - I am to be good to all, especially brothers and sisters of the faith
3) Remember who I am - still tainted by sin.
4) Remember how little I know
5) Remember I cannot qualify everything, nor should I expect others to
6) Argue with what has been said, not what I think has been said.
7) Read and listen sympathetically
a) Assume the writer doesn't contradict his/herself
b) Impute best motives into the opponent
8) Be careful with reductio ad absurdum - I have not thought out all the logical ramifications of what I believe, others may not have done the same thing for theirs.
9) Be careful about usage of invectives

All in all, stuff that I've heard before and am still working through, but a good and convicting read none the less

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