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Friday, June 03, 2005 at 2:46 PM

Assurance of Salvation

Jollyblogger is working through a series on Hebrews 6. Yeah, that passage. He points out that though it is a passage that is oftentimes used to challenge the Doctrines of Grace, the way that it's usually explained does not do the verses justice. Here's a taste from his intro post:

The Charybdis of Hebrews 6 is the typical reformed exegesis which effectively neuters the passage's intended effect as a warning. What I mean is that reformed exegetes and others who believe in eternal security spend so much time jumping through hoops to prove what it doesn't say, that they never get around to saying what it does say. In other words, these folks go to great lengths to show that this doesn't teach you can lose your salvation and I think the effect is to cause their hearers or readers to wipe the sweat from their brows and think "whew, glad to know this passage doesn't apply to me." It seems clear to me that, when we read Hebrews 6, we aren't to walk away relieved that this doesn't apply to us, but we should have a sense of fear and awe as we read it. In that respect, though I disagree with their paradigm and conclusions I think the Arminian interpreters do a better job of respecting the force of this text as a warning passage.
He's currently in part 2 (or maybe 3, I don't know when to start counting) and it's been an excellent read on a very challenging passage. I suggest you read it here: Intro, I, II, IIb

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