Drinking Deeply

Friday, May 06, 2005 at 12:44 PM

A few good reads

On Sermons and preachings, especially from a listener's side:

How to Listen To An (Expository) Sermon - Tim Challis

The Listener's Responsibility - Tim Challis

Characterisitcs of Purpose Driven Churches
- Tim Challis

On Christian apologetics/missions

Presuppositional Confrontations - Vincent Cheung

Violence for Heaven - Vincent Cheung

Let the Nations Be Glad - John Piper

An excerpt from Piper's book (p. 206)

Missions exists because worship doesn't. The ultimate issue addressed by missions is that God's glory is dishonored among the peoples of the world. When Paul brought his indictment of his own people to a climax in Romans 2:24, he said, "The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you." That is the ultimate problem in the world. That is the ultimate outrage.

The glory of God is not honored.
The holiness of God is not reverenced.
The greatness of God is not admired.
The power of God is not praised.
The truth of God is not sought.
The wisdom of God is not esteemed.
The beauty of God is not treasured.
The goodness of God is not savored.
The faithfulness of God is not trusted.
The commandments of God are not obeyed.
The justice of God is not respected.
The wrath of God is not feared.
The grace of God is not cherished.
The presence of God is not prized.
The person of God is not loved.


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