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Monday, May 30, 2005 at 8:37 PM


So I was talking to some of the reunion peoples at the FiCS 10 year reunion and one of them mentioned that they were fine with acupuncture and I mentioned that it was something I was thinking about. Is it ok for a Christian to get an acupuncture? Even if the theology behind it seems iffy?

He asked me if I would go to an atheist surgeon? Would I even make it a point to ask? Would you go to someone who believed that "hey, it's all me healing you, you're completely in my hands"?

Well, my answer at the time was no, I would not have made it a point to ask. Should I?

He continued to point out that a) Maybe the idea of "energies" corresponded to something of the nervous system, so it was "scientific" in fact, but the validity of "science" was undetermined and b) there were Christians he knew that were doing acupuncture. I pointed out that there were people who professed to be Christians who were universalist too, so their existence proves nothing about their validity.

I guess the issue I was wondering about is if it's bordering on the occult. If it is, then there are clear prohibitions against involving in anything relating to acupuncture at all. Looking at a few of the sites that pop up when I punch in "acupuncture" it sounds like it's very similar to T'ai Chi in the mentality that goes on behind it. It's focused upon harnessing this "energy" and using it for healing. Of course this is harnessed by the person who performs the acupuncture, but how much of it will one eventually pick up in going through a procedure? Is it possible to go to an acupuncturist, deny their theology and mentality and draw benefits from their actions?

Vincent Cheung has an excellent article in his blog about this. I think I am in agreement with his conclusions when he says:

Also, not only is Tai Chi inseparably linked to some anti-Christian ideas, but the very fact that it seeks to achieve relaxation (peace?) and health without relationship to any explicitly Christian belief or practice (such as faith, repentance, prayer, Bible study, etc.) is unacceptable. It is in practical and often explicit competition with the gospel.

This is the general basis from which I would oppose Tai Chi and other related practices.

Should I, for the reason it's linked to non-Christian ideas oppose acupuncture then? I asked the alum what his conscience said regarding it and he said "absolutely it's ok." I don't think mine is currently in agreement. Just some thoughts.

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Blogger cwu said...

to me, taichi is merely art and defense. if i were wanting to learn taichi, i'd learn it from someone who would think the same way. we have a brother at our church who is a taichi master (i guess i can call him that). he teaches it at this ministry place my mother works at. all he talks about is that it's an art form, and sometimes he shows us how these moves correlate with kung fu in the art of defense. he even thinks all that mystical stuff about chi and inner peace is nonsense. i'm just saying such things like taichi and kungfu are just culture things that i believe are being looked at in the wrong way by some people. it's something that is unique to the asain culture. yes, the mystical philosophies of it are not right and it's a bunch of nonsense, but it really is merely just the art of defense.  


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