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Monday, April 25, 2005 at 10:48 PM

Well it's started

Yesterday was day one. An interesting discussion on the magnitudes and gravity of sins. Initially I proposed that all sins were of same gravity, with the wages of sin being death. His position was that different sins were of different magnitude, venial sins strain our relationship with God and mortal sins sever. After sleeping on it I did some Bible diving and realized that I was wrong about all sins being the same gravity. Some were "worse" than others dependant on a number of factors. I told Dennis that but reaffirmed that the wages of sin were death, but the gift of God was eternal life.

This prompted questions about how I came to that knowledge if I affirmed Scripture Alone. Where did I get authority? How did I know it was for sure even with thousands of Protestants who believed otherwise? Don't I need an infallible interpreter (ie the Pope).

I admitted that I didn't have a 100% interpretation of the Bible and would never, but my final arbiter was Scripture. People like my pastor, my brothers and sisters in Christ, KCPC, FiCS all have authority and I had much to learn from them, but when it boils down to what I check with it was Scripture. Dennis got really hung up on that because he asked me how I could possibly know I had the right idea? I kept repeating the same ideas, the Holy Spirit's guidence, fallible authorities and such. I then turned the question on him. Did he have an infallible interpreter? Did he infallibly understand the Pope and all his writings? Didn't he need an infallible interpreter between himself and the Pope? ::shrug:: I dunno, his answer was that the Pope could be the final arbiter and reclarify himself over and over without need of an interpreter, in fact, without a human interpreter who could clarify things for us since Scripture was divine in origin we couldn't understand it.

That was basically it repeated for a bit. Got off onto Peter's primacy a tiny bit but then he had to go study so we set another meeting Weds.

Today I got another chance to talk to him, mentioned my purpose in talking with him, basically that I couldn't in good conscience affirm him as a brother and hoped to discuss faith and works and soveignty and authority and the like. Please be praying for him and for me. The discussions have been really good so far, and we've both agreed that we don't want it to come to blows or anything, so be praying.

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