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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 5:57 PM

Continued prayer request

An email i sent off.

Something you can definitely praying for me is that after I went back to Toyon (2amish) I ended up talking to Dennis (the Catholic) about what he believed with regards to the Catholic faith. Just a simple Q&A session. Justification, Grace, Mercy, Christ, Salvation, the whole shi-bang. Though I disagreed with him on nearly every point, I didn't bother to argue because I just wanted to hear what he said. Basically he confirmed my worst fears... he believes in a very works-based righteousness, so much so that Christ's death and ressurection is downplayed to the point where he (and I quote) "enables the possibility of being forgiven (but not left unpunished) of sin" On the plus side, a mortal sin doesn't guarentee condemnation, but it does seperate you from God and you have to repent of or else you die going to hell.

There's no security, there's no Christ's death bringing freedom, there's no total depravity, there's no justification by faith (alone). Salvation is guarenteed by following the church's teachings 100% (which means sacraments, mass, baptism, prayer, confession, so on so forth). Just a scary thing.

I will say that he doesn't really understand it enough, and doesn't see the logical implications of what these beliefs lead to (nor does he seem to know scripture well enough to see why that will be a problem). Pray for opened eyes and softened heart. Pray as well that my life (as poor a witness as it is) may challenge him force him to come to grips with what God demands of him. Pray that the Gospel would not be a stumbling block, but most of all, pray that my words would drip salt and life, no matter what he says or does.

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