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Friday, April 01, 2005 at 2:18 AM

Blown and tossed by the waves

An edited email I just sent off:

So I was reading in bed before I went to sleep Piper's "Let the Nations be Glad" and I got to his chapter 4: The supremacy of Christ as the Conscious Focus of All Saving Faith. I guess interestingly enough it addressed specifically one question that I had been thinking about on and off: Can someone be saved (as in know Jesus and trust in Him as an atoning sacrifice for their sins) without the Gospel?

As of 1 hour ago: I think my answer was "yes, they may not know the name of whom they call, but it's still Jesus" after reading the chapter I now feel that the Bible affirms that the answer is "no"

Basically Piper went through all my thoughts and objections in passages that I was looking into and showed that the Scripture taught otherwise. A rather humbling and convicting time I must say. Especially when he pointed out that if one believes that people can come to Christ without the Gospel call, it weakens the need for missions and I saw that in my own heart. Well, what can you say, shaper than a double edged sword.

Well after coming to grips with that (and looking at the passages again), I thought I wanted to email you and let you know (in case you were wondering about my beliefs in that direction or something)

Additionally as I was typing this email, I found myself realized that all too often I feel like Proverbs 18:17

The one who states his case first seems right,
until the other comes and examines him.

I find myself reading something or listening to someone and agreeing with it until someone else brings up something else (usually all of this would be from the Bible). I know the solution to this is to be like the Bereans and check everything, but all too often it's hard to discern truth from half-truth, especially if both points strongly reference the Bible. I guess pray for wisdom and guidence for me in a continual seeking for God's truth.

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