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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 9:56 AM

Thoughts from TJ(1)

TJ Part 1)

I've realized that I don't take compliments very well. How is one supposed to respond to a compliment? Do I have a problem with pride? Yeah, a bit of one. I like to think of myself as competent (even though I know it is only through God that I can do anything). I like to think of myself as capable and disciplined, and when I put in a lot of effort into something I like to think of myself as having done a job well and ... well not deserving of praise, but like "it would be nice" and encouragement is always a blessing. I like to know that people support what I'm doing and are being blessed by it. But somehow through all of this I'm supposed to find my value in God alone, find my fulfillment in Him alone, and be satisfied that God has accepted me, a sinner, and adopted me as a son through the Son. I won't say that that's not enough, because I feel like (usually) it is, but I still don't know how to respond to compliments.

Yeah I dunno. I don't think I want to say "stop encouraging me!" or anything, because that would be sad (plus I like to try to be as encouraging as possible, which includes compliments on jobs well done, so then that would make me a nice little hypocrite too).

My initial response is always to try to shrug it off, say that it was nothing, but to me, it really wasn't nothing. I poured in a lot of effort and am always proud of what I accomplish (unless I'm not proud of it, but then I probably wouldn't be receiving compliments on that sort of stuff)

I dunno, this sort of thing came up a few times at TJ, where people said to me aside "oh hey, nice job today. Your discipline and encouragement are really a blessing"

What am I supposed to say? I'm glad to be recognized and encouraged, and it helped me get through the day knowing that I was encouraging other people, but I know inside I'm supposed to be pointing to God through all of this, but I cannot come to do this without feeling fairly fake with myself.

In other news: The US is a sad place. James White has a good commentary that I agree with.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously, just be gracious about accepting compliments. it's like when someone gives you a gift, you honor them by showing appreciation and acceptance.

be honest. there's nothing to be ashamed about when acknowledging the talents God has gifted us with, the work that he is doing in our lives.

to tell someone to "stop encouraging" goes directly against the Biblical mandates to "encourage one another" and build each other up. it's pride if you don't want to allow others to build yourself up in Christ.

realness comes from knowing who we are in Christ and subsequently who we are in the Body of Christ.


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