Drinking Deeply

Monday, March 28, 2005 at 10:01 PM


So even more I need to write about.

TJ trip was... awesome. Get on my case to write up my thoughts and reflections. I need to do it to send out in an email to people as well.

Some pics.

Stopped by an interesting church for Sunday service, especially in light of what they're affiliated with. Some thoughts about that (especially in reference to a verse I read during my QT just a few days ago: Phil. 1: 15-17)

Some links that I've found really encouraging (and a bit humbling):

Where Christianity is thriving.

An encouraging example.

P.S. Check out Vincent Cheung's website. He's got a new article up: arguing by intuition. In addition to all the rest of his stuff. Some really good stuff there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's pretty awesome, about the president of Zambia... God is so good =)


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