Drinking Deeply

Wednesday, February 16, 2005 at 2:47 AM


I guess I just wanted to share the story of Mike so you can be praying for him.

Mike came over around 5:45 today just to drop off something and decided to stop by my room, then stayed for dinner. Afterwards as we were walking back I challenged him: Where is your faith right now? (He is a seeker)

"Hmmm, somewhere between a seeker and a believer"

Where do you see it going?

I don't know.

A couple of questions later he asked me to share my story.

Then came the difficult questions: Why did he decide to join Testimony, the only Christian acapella group on campus?

He didn't quite know. He proceeded to rattle off a series of miracles, each of which just amazed me.

Family non-Christian, sister dated a "hardcore" Christian in HS, broke up, she became Christian in college

Not really interested in Christianity at all, got into Stanford and became my pro-fro, staying in my room over admit weekend, all because he knew Jon, my roommate last year.

Hears that I'm going to a praise night that weekend, he decides to come on a whim (remember, he was not really interested at all, just inexplicable). He asks me about FiCS. The weekend ends and he returns home.

He comes to Stanford this year. Had somehow gradually become more and more interested in Christianity, ends up going to church with his sister.

His dorm is filled with binge drinkers and pot smokers, so he feels like he needs something more, something to keep him away. Decides to walk around campus. Sees IV's table at the activity fair. Signs up. Sees Testimony's table. Signs up. Sees FiCS' table. Signs up. Tries out for Testimony, doesn't get in.

Ends up coming out to FiCS a few times, not too involved, busy freshman year. Two people in Tmony drop out after the qtr and Mike is asked to join.

Gets invited, and more plugged into a small group with FiCS.

Simply amazing. Every step of the way I see so much of what God is doing, drawing him ever closer, closer to the point of needing him.

Testimony was the only acapella group he tried out for. FiCS is the only fellowship he's checked out. Somehow, something is drawing him and he doesn't understand why.


Afterwards, he asked me: I don't understand Jesus though, what did he do?

So I (tried to) present the gospel. I've never had someone ask me to do that before... to be honest I was quite scared and probably botched it up. Didn't include the "super statement" John 3:16. I dunno.

Lord, I know that your word does not return to you empty. Would it take root and bear fruit. Praise be to the you, Lord of all. It is truly you who draw, you who call, you who grant life. Work your miracle of miracles. It is you who speak, soften hearts and open ears. We know your grace is irresistible, that no matter how many walls we put up you can and will tear it down if it be your will. Do that now in my heart as well as in Mike's. I know you have great things in store and we eagerly anticipate your moment of glory.

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