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Wednesday, February 09, 2005 at 6:08 PM

Job 8

I feel like I don't understand the book of Job at all. I don't think I ever really read it that closely, always assuming that it was about the guy who hangs onto his faith through all these trails and said "naked i came, naked I shall return, blessed be the name of the Lord"... but it's more than that.

Job strikes me a whiny and arrogant. How does he know that he's really suffering? There are probably thousands of other people out there who were worse... or at least thats what I always tell myself.

Job's friends sound like they're right on the money. Repent. God will forgive. You don't understand what's going on. Sounds exactly like what I would say if I were in their position.

But yet I know the "ending." God commends Job and rebukes his friends. I always thought He rebuked them because they were saying falsehoods... but it sounds like they're saying what I would say if I were in the same position.

I guess the difference is in the fact that Job was gifted with a remarkable talent of introspection and thus knew what was "just" and was not. I, however, am not (and plus my meager abilities in that regards have already shown me how deserving I am of everything bad that happens to me. Yes.... my sin will find me out)

On a more amusing note. Job's wife demonstrates once again how women are evil:

Job 2:9
Then his wife said to him, "Do you still hold fast your integrity? Curse God and die."

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Blogger cwu said...

you're not given hardships because you did something wrong in your life. in job's case, he was given hardships to see if he could hold on to faith. he didn't do anything wrong, as so the bible said. i suppose God rebuked the friends because they assumed that Job is in this condition because of some sin job committed, but that's not the reason why Job was placed in that situation. Satan just wanted to prove to God that Job was only being righteous because he was given all these nice blessings, and that if taken away from him, would curse God.

great, i've been found. oh well.  


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